Our Story

“We take quality ingredients, add our commitment to service and excellence, spice with imagination and voila! Food you will be pleased to serve your customers.” - Joe Jolly

The roots of Plenus Group, Inc. go back to a single recipe for that quintessential New England dish, clam chowder. Our signature New England Clam Chowda was first served up Boston’s bustling Faneuil Hall Marketplace in the late ’80s and quickly proved to be so popular that it launched the food manufacturing business that became PGI.

A quarter century later, that unbeatable, award-winning clam chowder continues to sustain local Bostonians and hungry tourists alike, with the original Faneuil Hall location ladling out more than 250,000 cups of chowda a year. Produced under the Boston Chowda Co. brand, our clam chowder has since been joined by more than 100 quality food items currently offered by PGI to restaurants, foodservice customers, and grocery stores nationwide.

One spoonful of our clam chowder, a quintessential New England classic, and you will be hooked for life!

Since that first recipe, PGI has grown into a respected manufacturer of value-added specialty frozen foods with an emphasis in soups, sauces and gourmet frozen food items. PGI operates a USDA/FDA inspected and HACCP-compliant food manufacturing facility that processes an average of 150,000 pounds of food a week. All along the way, we’ve stuck to our philosophy of handmade, small-batch cooking using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our product portfolio includes such nationally-respected brands as the Boston Chowda Co. and East Coast Gourmet. Based in Lowell, MA, PGI plays an active role in our local community, working closely with local food banks and charities, and hosting a monthly soup kitchen that feeds 150 people.

Plenus Group Technical Details

USDA EST# 18019, P-18109
Food Facility Registration # 17006476800
3rd party audit certification completed by AIB