Product Details

Sensational Soups, Chowders & Chilis

You’ll find PGI’s extensive line of kettle-cooked soups served in all kinds of establishments, from elegant white tablecloth restaurants to humble lunchtime cafes. Customers love our extensive line of small-batch, kettle-cooked soups because it offers them a consistent product that meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Our Boston Chowda Co. line of soups adhere to the time–honored traditions of New England cooking, offering the finest chowders, bisques, soups and chilis. Boston Chowda has grown into one of the most valued suppliers of soups to restaurants, seafood departments, and supermarkets throughout the United States. In addition to more than forty great varieties of frozen soups, a selection of BCC soups are available in retail-ready packaging.

Though famous for our award-winning Clam Chowda, Lobster Bisque and other seafood soups, the Boston Chowda line also encompasses hearty chilis, delicious Vegetarian soups, savory meat and chicken soups, as well as classic Italian and Cajun favorites.

In addition, PGI also offers a growing line of incomparable all-natural soups, including premium versions of our Clam Chowda and Lobster Bisque.

Gourmet, Value-Added Specialty Foods

Having grown from a small mail order brand into a national presence in both the retail and foodservice markets, East Coast Gourmet is our signature brand for high-quality, value-added appetizers and entrees, including crab cakes, stuffed clams and lobster items, along with all-natural wild salmon burgers and veggie cakes. Elegant, yet easy to prepare, our seafood appetizers are a feast for the eyes and the palate, delivering the “wow factor” whenever they are served. 

Versatile, Flavorful Sauces

PGI offers a line of versatile and flavorful sauces that make the perfect base for wide variety of dishes. Our Italian sauces include such traditional staples as marinara, clam, alfredo and marsala—which only require pasta and protein to create authentic Old World entrees such as linguini & clam sauce, fettuccine alfredo and chicken marsala. We also provide protein-based sauces that let you easily serve up such in-demand entrees as chicken pot pie and jambalaya.